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PVHS Honors State Champion Milestones

We have begun a new tradition of recognizing the milestone anniversaries of our previous state champions.   We encourage all members of these teams to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony each year in September.  We will be recognizing these individuals and teams on their milestone state championship accomplishments at the annual Hall of Fame Ceremony.  This ceremony will take place prior to the James Wood football game on September 2,  2016.
35th Anniversary of 1981 State Gymnastics Champion:  Lisa  Zuraw
30th Anniversary of 1986 State Wrestling Champion:  Scott Steele
30th Anniversary of 1986 Track & Field Champion:  Eddie Zuraw
25th Anniversary of the 1991 State Boys Soccer Championship
25th Anniversary of 1991 State Wrestling Champion:  J.P. Taylor
25th Anniversary of 1991 Wrestling Champion:  John Kotch
25th Anniversary of 1991 Gymnastics Champion:  Stacy Spitzer
25th Anniversary of 1991 Gymnastics Champion:  Whitney "Chrissy" Mansfield
25th Anniversary of 1991 Track & Field Champion:  Terri Braxton
If you have any questions please contact Jason Testerman at 571-434-4510 or and/or Jennifer Piccolomini at 571-434-4500 or .