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Final Exams Scheduled for June 11-16 (click here for schedule)

Students will be taking exams in each and every course according to the schedule shown below. Since exams count 20 percent of the semester grade, students should work diligently to prepare for these important assessments. It is imperative that students take exams on the day and time shown below. Please note that exams are two-hours in length, with a short snack break between exams. School will be dismissed each exam day at 1:30 pm. Students are expected to attend study sessions that will be conducted during Titan Time. 


Thursday, June 11th           5th and 6th block exams
Friday, June 12th                1st and 2nd block exams

Monday, June 15th              7th and 8th block exams

Tuesday, June 16th               3rd and 4th block exams