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May 31 -
4th grade Math SOL part 1
last Chess Club
June 1 -
4th grade Math SOL part 2
1st grade Tea Party
Café Class of the month
June 2 - Staff picture and 5th grade panoramic
3rd grade Math SOL
SSC party after school
June 3 -
2nd grade field trip
3rd grade math SOL
Handout Reflex certificates
June 6 -  4th grade VA studies SOL
June 7 -5th grade Science Test
June 8 - Field Day
 Fifth grade-lunch in rooms and a movie
June 9 - Math 24 championship
Field day rain date
5th grade snow cone dau
5th grade yearbook signing afternoon
June 13- 5th grade promotion ceremony 
June 14- last day of school for students