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A Walk to the Park


Harper Park Middle School will continue to have several areas where students may walk to school. In fact, 10 % of our student body are considered “walkers”. If a student lives on a street listed below, he or she may walk to school. If you think your child is a walker and do not see your street listed, please call the school or email Mr. Keener at

Buses are not provided for these streets. Students can not bike or skateboard to school.

  • Students walking to school must walk carefully to school, and parents are asked to review the safest route and proper procedure for crossing a street.
  • Students must stay on a sidewalk while walking to school and must cross Potomac Station Drive at the crosswalk in front of Harper Park. There will be a crossing guard stationed at this cross walk. The crossing guard is the boss!
  • Walkers abide by all school rules in transit to and from school. School rules apply until students enter their homes.
  • Of course as new housing areas are completed across from Harper Park, more streets may be added for walkers; however students who live on streets where construction is still present should not walk to school until all construction is completed and the passage to school is safe. Please call the school if you have any questions. The streets approved for walkers are as follows:

All roads are west of River Creek Parkway and south of Fort Evans Road and east of Battlefield Parkway.

Roads north of Potomac Station Drive
Bonnie Ridge Dr.
Emerald Hill Dr.
Fenland Ct.
Fenland Pl.
Ft. Macleud Terr.
Hardy Ct.
Invermere Dr.

Kendra Terrace
Mount Holly Pl.
Revelstore Terr.
Sentinel Dr.
Sydney Terr.
Tonquin Pl.
Valemount Terr.
Vermillion Dr.
Vista Ridge Dr.

Roads south of Potomac Station Drive
Bonnie Ridge Dr.
Bow Lake Pt.
Fountain Hall Ct.
Larch Valley Dr.
Saddleback Pl.
Sand Point Ct.

Students who do not live on the streets listed above must ride school buses or have parents drive them to school. Students who do not live on the streets listed above, will not be permitted to walk to and from home. Students may receive a “walking pass” from their dean when they bring in a signed note from a parent indicating permission to go home with a walker.

Last Modified on September 25, 2012