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Types of ELL Services at Buffalo Trial


Pull-out ELL Class

Some students are pulled out of the general education classroom to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a small group or one-on-one with the ELL teacher.  The ELL teacher designs lessons to meet the language and vocabulary acquisition needs of each student.  Depending on a student’s needs, he or she may meet with the ELL teacher from one to five days per week.


Push-in ELL Support

Push-in ELL support is when the ELL teacher or ELL teacher assistant goes to an ELL student’s grade level class to provide help.  In this model, the ELL student does not leave his or her class, rather the ELL teacher helps modify the in-class lesson or provide reinforcement and additional support so that the student may successfully complete grade-level tasks within the general education setting.  Depending on a student’s needs, he or she may receive push-in support from one to five days per week.


Some students who are able to successfully complete grade level tasks, and who are meeting grade-level standards independently, may simply have their progress monitored by the classroom teacher and the ELL teacher. In this instance, the ELL teacher and general education teacher will communicate regularly to monitor the progress of the ELL student and help will be provided if the ELL student demonstrates the need for assistance.


ELL Kindergarten

All children who qualify for ELL services in kindergarten are eligible to attend ELL kindergarten. ELL kindergarten is a half day morning or afternoon program.  Students who enroll in the program go to ELL class from 7:50 - 10:50 each morning or 10:50 - 2:35 each afternoon. ELL kindergarten is a literacy rich environment designed to compliment and reinforce skills learned in kindergarten, while building students' vocabularies.  Students who are enrolled in ELL kindergarten also eat lunch at school and have an additional recess time.

Last Modified on November 4, 2013