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You “Toucan” Read!

Join in the wild adventure through the world of books! Read nightly and along the way, you will travel to new places, meet new characters, human and animal, and visit times, past, present and future. By participating in our reading incentive program, "Reading Rainforest," You will “raise” money to help the creatures and plants of the important and threatened rainforest habitat. Plus, you will have fun along the way!
How does the program work?
Read each night and record your reading “minutes” on your rainforest reading log following the program guidelines.
 If you reach your goal for the month, you will earn a sticker to place on your reading log. If you meet your reading goals for two consecutive months you will be invited to a celebratory event.  Three fun events will be held before the culminating activity in May. BUT, you must meet your reading goal for 7 out of 8 months to be invited to the final event.
Besides me, who else will benefit?
Each class will work together to save and preserve a piece of an important and incredibly diverse ecosystem. If your class meets its monthly goal, you will
“earn” money that will be used toward the goal of purchasing acres of rainforest on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica through Nature Conservancy’s “Adopt a Rainforest” program.