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"Intelligence is something we are born with.
 Thinking is a skill that must be learned."
SEARCH is an enrichment program provided by the Loudoun County Public Schools for children in grades K-3.  SEARCH focuses on thinking skills and is designed to foster an environment in which students are encouraged to think and to develop an excitement for learning and discovery. 

The SEARCH program works within the secure and familiar classroom environment, is classroom-based, and is provided to all K-3 students, primarily by their classroom teacher.  A SEARCH teacher works with each classroom teacher to help locate and/or develop specific materials for learning activities.  The SEARCH teacher also presents lessons in the classroom, while the classroom teacher observes the students and the learning process.  Both teachers work cooperatively to recognize and develop the potential for excellence in each student.


LCPS Gifted and Talented


Last Modified on October 4, 2012