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World Languages and Cultures

 Foreign Language Teachers


The World Languages Department provides instruction in the first and second year of Spanish, French, Latin and German.  The department pursues excellence in the areas of speaking, reading, writing and listening skills while also exposing the students to the cultures in which the language is spoken.  The department strives to develop students who are becoming culturally aware and who are ready to continue their language learning in high school. 


New to 6th graders in 2006-07 is a continuation of the FLES (Foreign Language at the Elementary School) Program.  The SAMS (Spanish at the Middle School) Program is delivered to all 6th graders every other day for 30 minutes in the Language Arts class.  The focus continues to be a natural approach to language through oral, interpersonal communication.  Students will continue to develop their reading skills, and writing skills will be introduced.  Topics are recycled and expanded from the elementary curriculum.

The foreign lanugage department has adopted the 90/10 grading policy. Summative assessments will be 90% of the final grade and formative assessments will be 10%.

Summative assessments occur at the end of teaching and include things like chapter quizes, tests, projects, presentations, etc...
Formative assessments are assignments that happen during class where we check for understanding. It includes class work, homework, and daily activities.
Supply for World Languages Students

Binder and Spiral notebook (for agendas)
Loose leaf notebook paper
Pen, pencils, small pencil sharpener
Colored pencils (small pack to fit in your pencil case)
One pack of index card (3"x 5" or 4"x 6")
1 Dry Erase Marker
1 Pocket Folder



Last Modified on March 31, 2014