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Teachers-in-Training (TNT) 

Teachers-in-Training is an important phase in the development of future teachers. Loudoun County Public Schools welcomes colleges and universities to develop a partnership to train and nurture future educators.
How to request a Teachers-in-Training Placement:

Requests for student teaching, practicum, field experience, and other request for spring 2016, need to be submitted by November 13, 2015

Requests for student teaching, practicum, field experience, and other requests for fall 2015, need to be submitted by April 30, 2015. 

All requests must come from universities/colleges to include the following:

  • Name of the student
  • Subject
  • Grade level(s)
  • Placement dates/completion dates
  • City & state of student’s residence
  • Student’s email address              
  • PID number, located on the top right corner of the Teachers-in-Training Application (the student must submit an application prior to submitting placement requests to Loudoun County Public Schools- CLICK HERE TO APPLY)
  • If the student is an employee of LCPS they do not need to complete an application, however we need to know his or her school location and position title.  If the student is an employee of LCPS, they may be required to submit an educational leave request to his or her principal.  Please have the student/employee review the request, prior to submitting his or her placement request to LCPS for student teaching, practicum, field experience, observation, internship, etc.  

All students must complete the following:

Attend a Teachers-in-Training orientation

Complete all Teachers-in-Training required paperwork

  • Fingerprints
  • TB Test
  • Child Protective Service Form
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Verification
If you are a college or university coordinator for Teachers-in-Training (student teachers/interns) and wish to place your students in Loudoun County Public Schools, please contact Steve Walter in the Department of Personnel Services, at 571-252-1100.
Last Modified on July 21, 2015

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