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Student Registration Information for all Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS)
Patti Spurlock, Senior Registrar
LCPS Administration Offices, 21000 Education Ct., Ashburn, VA 20148
571-252-1238 / 571-252-1245 (fax)
Special Permission/Home Instruction/Tuition: 571-252-1200
McKinney-Vento Liaison: 571-252-1685
Student Health and Guidance Services: 571-252-1017
Registration Information -- All registrations will be accepted at the school that serves your home address.
To help ensure that schools and students are well prepared for the first day of school, parents are encouraged to register their child or children as soon as possible. Doing so helps our schools and teachers be equipped and ready. To review "Most Frequently Asked Questions", click here.
Current Announcements
2014-15 Kindergarten RegistrationChild must be 5 yr old by September 30, 2014.
2014-15 Registration for grades KG-12 are now being accepted at your zoned school. 
2015-16 Kindergarten Registration will begin on March 17, 2015 at your zoned school.  Registration packets will be available at your school by late February or below.  Your child must be 5 years old by September 30, 2015 to attend.
Please contact your school for registration dates for grades 1-12.




Key Information
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions, click here.
  • Registration Checklist for Parents, click here.


  • For 2014-15 Kindergarten enrollment, the student's 5th birthday must be no later than September 30, 2014.  Exception possible for active military children.  Contact the Registrar at 571-252-1238.
    For 2015-16 Kindergarten enrollment, the student's 5th birthday must be no later than September 30, 2015.  Exception possible for active military children.  Contact the Registrar at 571-252-1238.
    Requesting 1st grade placement:  Click here for detailed explanation of Virginia state policy on kindergarten and First Grade enrollment.
  • Registration must occur in the school which serves the address of the student. Individuals needing to know which attendance zone serves an address should contact the LCPS Planning Department at 571-252-1050, or use the Loudoun School Attendance Boundary feature found here.
  • If you are moving from one Loudoun County school to another, simply take this Change of Address form and your new "proof of residency" (click here for accepted items) to the new school to register. The schools will coordinate transferring the student records.
  • For Parents/Guardians Moving into Loudoun County: A signed lease, signed deed, signed settlement papers, recent mortgage statement, or deed of trust showing occupancy prior to enrollment. If these documents do not exist to prove in-county residency, the parent/guardian may request to enroll as a tuition-paying student.  For further information on tuition status, contact the Pupil Services Coordinator at 571-252-1200 or complete this form found here.
  • To request special permission to attend a school outside the attendance zone, the parent/guardian must apply online or through the Department of Pupil Services at 571-252-1200
Registration Forms
For your convenience, all registration forms are listed below. Please bring completed forms and supporting documentation to the school at time of registration.
Kindergarten Forms
First to Twelfth Grade
Miscellaneous Forms
Spanish version of Registration forms

Documents Needed for Registration in Loudoun County Public Schools
  • An original birth certificate or a certified copy

o Name of the parent registering the child must be on the birth certificate

o Photo identification of the parent/guardian registering the child

o Cards with name and age of the student are not sufficient proof of the identification of the person enrolling the student

o If the student has had a name change due to adoption or other reasons, the school must have a signed copy of the court order acknowledging the change
  • Child's Social Security Number: Virginia law requires that a student must present a Social Security number upon enrollment. Virginia Code §22.1-260 requires that a student present a federal Social Security number within 90 days of his enrollment. Parents who are unable or unwilling to present a federal Social Security number may request that the school division provide an alternative identification number. No student will be denied enrollment or services based upon not providing a Social Security number.
  • Proof of legal guardianship or legal custody if not the parent of the student

    o A legal document signed by a judge verifying legal custody or legal guardianship

    o A notarized statement is not sufficient for enrollment; it gives the authorized person permission to make decisions in the absence of the parent

    o See information below regarding “Special Registration Situations”
  • Proof of Residency

o For Parents/Guardians Residing in Loudoun County

- A signed lease, signed deed, signed settlement papers, recent mortgage statement, or deed of trust
- If the parent/guardian enrolling the student is sharing a home with another resident of Loudoun County,
· The "Shared Housing Documentation" form must be completed and notarized (Spanish version)
· The parent/guardian must obtain the signature of the person who owns or rents the residence


· The owner/tenant must provide proof of residency by submitting a signed lease, signed deed, signed settlement papers, recent mortgage statement, or deed of trust
o In addition, the enrolling parent/guardian may be asked to produce the following documents to verify the address: motor vehicle registration, voter registration card, bank statement (not checks) within the past two months, state or federal income tax records, W-2 form, or utility bills within the past two months

  • Signed "Prior Expulsion" Statement indicating that the student has not been expelled or suspended from another school. The school will provide this document.
  • A properly completed immunization record signed by a licensed physician or local health department employee. Immunization requirements are listed here.
  • Tuberculosis Screening Requirements All new students entering Loudoun County Public Schools for the first time are required to provide documentation that a tuberculosis screening has been performed. More information on this requirement is available on the Student Health Services page.
  • New elementary school students must have a completed physical performed no earlier than 12 months prior to the date the student first enters kindergarten or elementary school. Copies of a completed physical from other United States schools are acceptable. Physical must be submitted prior to school starting. Requirements for the physical can be found on the Student Health Services FAQ's.
    For students attending schools with projected overflow:  In order to complete the registration process, parents should present the new physical by August 19, 2014.  For students whose birthday/physical date falls between Aug. 19 and Sept. 1, 2014, parents should provide by Aug. 19 their child's four-year physical and appointment verification that a new physical is scheduled between Aug. 19-Sept. 1, 2014.  The new physical must be provided to school on or prior to first day of school (Sept. 2, 2014).  A child will not be allowed to begin without a new physical.  They could lose their spot if a school is on overflow and the registration is not complete.
  • Records (including report cards) from previous school, if applicable
  • Name and address of previous school, if applicable
  • Copy of Individualized Education Plan (IEP), if applicable


Special Registration Situations
  • In cases of custody documentation, both parent names must be entered in the student record unless legal documents show that parental rights have been terminated through the courts. Appropriate notices denoting physical/legal custody issues will be placed in the student record.
  • If the student is living with individuals other than a parent and the individuals do not have custody or guardianship granted by a judge, the individuals may apply for the student to attend LCPS on a tuition basis. The application for tuition is available here. According to §22.1-3 of the Code of Virginia, the custody or guardianship must not be for school purposes only.  If you would like information on obtaining legal custody or guardianship, you may contact the Loudoun County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court at 703-777-0303.
  • If the individuals have custody or guardianship granted by a judge, they should complete the "Request for Determination of Residency Status" form C-13 (Spanish version) and attach a copy of the court order prior to being allowed to register for school. Completed documents should be faxed to 571-252-1245 or you may contact the Registrar at 571-252-1238. According to §22.1-3 of the Code of Virginia, the custody or guardianship must not be for school purposes only.
  • If individuals have filed the necessary documents seeking legal custody or legal guardianship and have been assigned a date for a hearing with the judge, they should provide the following: official court confirmation of the assigned date for the hearing, copy of the petition to the court, and completed "Request for Determination of Residency Status" form C-13 (Spanish version) to the Registrar for special consideration for provisional enrollment pending final legal custody or guardianship. According to §22.1-3 of the Code of Virginia, the custody or guardianship must not be for school purposes only. The information may be faxed to the attention of the Registrar at 571-252-1245, presented to the school to fax, mailed, or delivered to the LCPS Administration Building at 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, VA 20148. The information should be sent or delivered to the attention of the Registrar.
Foster Care
  • If the student is placed through the Virginia Department of Social Services, the social worker and/or foster parent must present legal documentation and proof of residency (see “Proof of Residency”).
  • If the student is placed through another state’s Department of Social Services, an Interstate Compact Agreement must be arranged. Information may be obtained from the Registrar at 571-252-1238.
Military POA
  • If the parent has been deployed through the armed forces, the person enrolling the student must present a “Special Power of Attorney” document from the armed forces, pursuant to United States Code §1044b. Dates of deployment must be provided.
  • If a student is homeless or experiencing a crisis in their living situation, special provisions may apply. Questions about this should be directed to the McKinney-Vento Liaison at 571-252-1685.  Please click for the McKinney-Vento questionnaire (Spanish version).




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