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Welcome to another creative year in the art department.  This year as our school shifts to project based learning, we have a wonderful opportunity for our young artists to learn about art in a different way.  The learning will be student driven and the projects will be independent.  The younger grade levels (1st and 2nd) will have more direct instruction in order to build their skill set.  The older grade levels will have opportunities to explore a variety of materials and develop their own project ideas.  All students will have the experience of what it is like to be a true artist!

All students in grades 1st-5th will have art class once a week for 50 minutes.  Both art teachers are traveling this year, which is a new adventure, but also an opportunity for us to explore new spaces.  As long as weather permits, classes will be held outside.  Please dress your students appropriately.  During the winter we will be inside, and the older students will even be painting murals in the hallways!
Students receive an Art grade every quarter.  This grade accounts for the students brainstorming, sketching, testing of materials, use of class time, development of a rubric, participation in a peer accountability program, contributions to class discussions, as well as their final projects.  Students will use their sketchbooks to document their learning, and participate in peer discussions and teacher conferences to discuss their personal artwork.  
Grading Scale:
   4- This student exceeds the expectations for their sketchbook, peer discussions,
         and final projects.
   3- This students demonstrate a full understanding of the expectations for their
         sketchbook, peer discussions, and final projects.
   2- This student demonstrates a partial understanding of the expectations for their
         sketchbook, peer discussions, and final projects.
   1- This student is consistently performing below expectations for their sketchbook,
         peer discussions, and final projects.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer or donate supplies, please email your child's teacher or visit us in the ART RESOURCE ROOM 8 before or after school.  We are located in the middle hallway on the opposite end from Guidance.
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