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Welcome to Arcola Physical EducationEXERCISE Arcola Gym
Welcome to Arcola's Physical Education Department. We are very excited to teach your children for the 2015-2016 school year.
With your children we will focus on health, fitness, basic sports and games
concepts.  We look forward to having a successful and productive school year.
Physical Education Teachers:  click name to e-mail
Mr. Andrew Bango (the short one)
Mr. Andrew Krepinevich (the tall one)
PE Reminders:
Your child needs to wear Tennis Shoes and comfortable clothes that they may exercise in on their PE days.  If necessary have them bring a change of sneakers or clothes to change into.
If your child is sick or cannot participate please send a parent note to your teacher, if they need to be excused for more than 1 week, please send a doctor's note.
Arcola Video
If you'd like to see some of Arc PE's highlights and highlight videos, go and check out our Arcola Video page!
Last Modified on August 27, 2015