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Bienvenidos a FLES
Sofia Fernandez - FLES Teacher
 Mrs. Sofia Fernandez-Pali was born in Medellin, Colombia. This is her second year teaching in this school, although she has being a teacher for 13 years. She Starts teaching English as a foreign language in her country. She came to Loudoun County on 2004 as a VIF teacher, she fall in love with this community so she made the decision of coming back. This will be her seventh year teaching for Loudoun County Public Schools.
She got a bachelor’s degree as a foreign language teacher.


As a bilingual person, She understand the importance of knowing more than one language, especially in today’s global world.  She started learning English as an elementary student in Colombia. Since Spanish is her first language, she is  now able to teach students the correct pronunciation of Spanish words. Furthermore, because she was born and raised in Colombia, she is able to share some of her experiences as well as the culture with the children.


She loves learning what the kids have to share as much as she enjoys sharing her culture.


She is really excited about this new school year and she is  looking forward to a productive and fun year!

Last Modified on September 4, 2013