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2014 5th Grade Team  
Here are a few simple things that you can do at home this summer
to be a more successful 5th grader:
  • Read, read, and read some more!- The number one thing you can do to be a good reader is to find books that you love to read. Be sure to log your reading!
  • Create a journal.- Get into the routine of writing down your thoughts. Be creative! Be descriptive! Begin your sentences with a capital letter and end your sentences with a punctuation mark!
  • Practice your math facts- Use flash cards to practice your basic multiplication and division facts. 
Graphic Organizers  
Compare/Contrast 2 Characters  - On the back, draw pictures of EACH character in your favorite scene from the book.  Describe the scene.
Theme Graphic Organizer  - On the back, explain the GENRE of your book, and describe the SETTING
Sandwich - Be sure to answer and describe as COMPLETELY as possible.  Complete sentences and examples are expected. 
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