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Welcome to Art at

Aldie Elementary School

Art is so FunWhy is the subject of art important for our children?  Most might think that in the art classroom students just make “things”.  Well in some cases this is true, but art is much more.  The physical act of making allows development of students’ fine motor skills and visual- spatial skills.  This is accomplished as students interact with different materials such as glue, scissors, clay, wire, paper and a variety of tools.  This physical manipulation of materials encourages cognitive reasoning, higher problem solving and personal creative expression.  The art program is also designed to teach art history, art criticism and aesthetics.  Students’ understanding of these three concepts empowers them to appreciate famous artwork as well as the art produced by peers in the classroom.  In closing, it is important to understand that art is “everything”.  Art is culture, science, history, mathematics, language and the expression and reflection of that which we call “life”.  This is why the art classroom at Aldie Elementary is and will continue to be an important, exciting and enriching place in the education of our children.

Painting with Mr. Grove