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Sugarland has SMARTBoards in every classroom and a wireless campus. 
Additionally, we have four laptop carts, digital video cameras, digital cameras, four Airliners (SMART's wireless interactive slates),  SENTEO Interactive Response System (used with our SMARTBoards), two ELMO document cameras & scanner, and an incredible wealth of educational software and online subscriptions and resources. 

We also have 60 iPads. Sugarland Wildcats LOVEthe hands-on learning and collaboration with the awesome iPad apps!
Our newest tech tool are Google Chromebooks!  Title One has purchased 51 Chromebooks - 3 for every 2nd-5th grade classroom.

We're preparing our students with skills and knowledge to succeed in the high-tech, digital age!

In Loudoun County, technology is integrated throughout the curriculum - this means that students don't have "technology class" - technology is used to support instruction in all areas.  Our team works with teachers to help them develop lessons that reinforce and teach subject matter while also teaching how to use the technology appropriately. 

Mrs. Lori Rothman, Technology Resource Teacher 

Mr. John Jefferson II, Technology Assistant