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Welcome to the Technology Department

At Sterling Elementary School, teachers and students have access to advanced technology resources to support their teaching and learning.  Each classroom is equipped with:
  • 4 computers (Grades K-3: 4 desktops and Grades 4-5: 2 desktops and 2 laptops)
  • 1 deskjet printer
  • 1 Promethean Interactive Whiteboard
In addition to the classroom resources, each grade levels shares the following:
  • 1 laptop cart (Grades K-2: 20 laptops per cart and Grades 3-5: 30 laptops per cart)
  • 1 ActiVote set
  • 1 Document Camera 
In addition to the grade level resources, any class can check out the following to integrate with their instruction:
  • 16 iPads 
  • 3 Digital Cameras
  • 1 Digital Video Camera
Finally, our school computer lab is the perfect place to engage students in computer-based activities related to their classroom instruction.  Classes have scheduled computer lab times for integration activities and can schedule additional lab time if available.
Last Modified on February 24, 2016