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Round Hill Staff
Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has provided staff members with a professional email address to support their responsibilities as employees with LCPS. The following guidelines are provided to assist staff and community members to utilize email effectively in an educational setting. Please remember the primary responsibility of Round Hill's staff is providing quality instruction. Communication between home and school is important to the success of children. LCPS guidelines allow staff 24 hours to respond to any email.

The school staff is responsible for protecting the privacy of children. Please remember that email cannot discuss confidential information regarding any child. Therefore email may not be used to discuss discipline issues, confidential student information (conferences should be used to discuss student issues) and nothing of a "time-sensitive" nature (EX: Student needs to ride the bus home today; Student will not be in school today; Parent will be in for an "unscheduled" conference today; ETC.)

If you need to get a timely message to your child or child's teacher, or speak to your child's teacher regarding a confidential or urgent matter, please call the office at 540-751-2450. Thank you.

Staff is listed alphabetically
Arevalo, DorisCustodian
Berg, LisaThird Grade teacher
Bigler, JanieResource Teacher
Bodkin,LindaResource Teacher
Bordogna, JessicaPre K Teacher
Caccavo, GregFourth Grade Teacher
Carey, NicoleTeacher Assistant
Carpenter, LauraSecond Grade Teacher
Childs, KathyThird Grade Teacher
Condon, MelanieReading Specialists
Crawford, AngelaResource Teacher
Denney, MargaretCafeteria
Davis, Andrew Principal
Dodson, MariaCustodian
Doherty,KathleenSecond Grade Teacher
Eisenhower, TracieFourth Grade Teacher
Evosirch, SusanFinancial Secretary
Fink, Keara Art Teacher
Fleming, SharonTeacher Assistant
Foster, RebekahKindergarten Teacher
Gerlach, TonyaCafeteria Hostess
Groff, CindyFirst Grade Teacher
Glazebrook, KathySchool Nurse
Harbour, DanielleTeacher Assistant
Hash, SallyFirst Grade Teacher
Hepner, Christina Kindergarten Teacher
Herbert, JenniferFirst Grade Teacher
Hollar, ChristyFourth Grade Teacher
Jenkins, JenniferResource Teacher
Jewell,JenniferFifth Grade Teacher
Jones, CarmaMusic Teacher
Joseph, CoreyPre K Teacher
Journell, SusanTechnology Resource Teacher
Larson, DianaPhysical Therapist
Lawson, ScottThird Grade Teacher
Loeffler, LucyCafeteria Hostess
Mackey, TonyaFifth Grade Teacher
Milam, GeorgiaTeacher Assistant
Miller, KathrynGuidance Counselor
Moss, BradPhysical Education Teacher
Mowe, MaryTeacher Assistant
Muldowney, MarkFifth Grade Teacher
Jones, CarmaMusic Teacher
O'Hara, KirstenAssistant Principal
Owen, StaceySecond Grade Teacher
Patterson, CindyFirst Grade Teacher
Perla, JoseTeacher Assistant
Peterson, LisaResource Teacher
Poindexter, KathyTeacher Assistant
Renner, HeidiParent Liaison
Roche, Jo-AnneAttendance Secretary
Saenz, DeborahFifth Grade Teacher
Salguero, AnitaTeacher Assistant
Sobota, LisaTechnology Assistant
Stokley, KateSecond Grade Teacher
Surma, KristinFirst Grade Teacher
Townsend, BettyCafeteria Manager
Turrill, EricPhysical Education Teacher
Webster, MarilynCafeteria
Weems, TracyResource Teacher
Wickman, JulietteTeacher Assistant
Wieman, LisaLibrarian
Wolfe, GregPhysical Education Teacher
Woodbrey, MichaelThird Grade Teacher
Workman, BethKindergarten Teacher
Yereb, KathySEARCH teacher
Last Modified on November 7, 2014