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Health & Physical Education
Potowmack Elementary promotes practices that enhance students' safety and well-being; that support safe learning environments; and that improve nutrition and promote physical fitness through lifetime activities.
Our Physical Education program is an integral part of the total educational process and significantly contributes in the areas of affective, cognitive, and psychomotor development. In addition to physical well being, Physical Education assists the child in emotional, social, and moral growth.
The sequential learning experiences designed to fulfill this development should be carefully planned, comprehensive, innovative, and intricately combined with teaching strategies. These approaches translate the relevant Physical Education concepts into meaningful and successful programs that meet the individual needs of each child.
Rules and Regulations

1. Be a good listener

2. Respect others and equipment

3. Keep Hands, Feet, and Objects to self

4. Give 100% effort

5. Use good sportsmanship



-1 whistle blow means go.
-3 whistle blows, fist in air or freeze means place equipment on ground, eyes and ears on teacher.
-During fire drill students will line up quietly at the door closest to office in a single file line, line leader will grab emergency bag and folder; line ender will hold the door.

Students will:

*Quietly walk into the gym and go straight to their squad spots unless it’s an instant activity.

*Stay off equipment when students enter gym.

*Stay off mats when stacked against wall.

*Not touch posters on the wall.

*Stay off of stairs unless told to sit down on them.

*Enter the gym at the entrance closes to the stage. 

*Line up in a single file line at the end of the gym to exit

*Self assess themselves when the leave by touching green (good behavior), yellow (just ok behavior), red (needs improvement behavior). 

Correct the student if there is a discrepancy

Last Modified on October 2, 2008