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Hello Kindergartners!

 Spring is here and it's getting warmer out. Get outside and explore. There's a great world out there to discover!


Mrs. McClintic



Be sure to check out 'Mrs. McClintic's  Scrapbook'. Student work will be uploaded there from time to time.

The kindergarten program provides a transition between the informal learning in the home and the more formal educational programs and services offered by LCPS elementary schools, primarily focusing on instructing each student at his/her stage of development. This is accomplished by integrating the skills and understanding of all subject areas and by providing for differentiated instruction based on the needs of the students. Many manipulative and hands-on experiences are included in the program to ensure that it is developmentally consistent with the way in which five-year olds learn best. The developmental kindergarten program allows students to develop a healthy self-concept, physical skills and coordination, facilitate the use of language and to acquire fundamental skills and knowledge for reaching the student’s fullest potential.

Occasionally I will be adding helpful websites to this page for students to use at home.

Please note:
"The content of the links found on these pages is not controlled by Loudoun County Public Schools. While school staff review links when they are inserted, the content may change without their knowledge. If you find any linked home page content you consider inappropriate, please bring the matter to the attention of the building principal. Remember that the outside source web page may link to other pages that have not been reviewed; explore at your own risk."

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