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Welcome to the 2014-15 School Year!
 New: Amazon donates to our PTO.
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             For more info, check out the Amazon-School Fundraiser link to the left.
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Upcoming Events:
 27 Feb 2015 - Family Fun Night !
   5 Mar 2015 - PTO Meeting (6:30PM, School Library)
 12 Mar 2015 - Spring Book Fair (5:30PM)
 20 Mar 2015 - Chuck E. Cheese night

What is the PTO?
The PTO is a group of parents and Meadowland teachers that come together to find ways of improving the educational experience for our children.  The PTO hosts several events to unite students, parents, and teachers outside of the classroom so we can better know each other and have fun too!  The fundraisers the PTO sponsors go towards supporting improvements to the school (such as technology, the running track, etc), helping teachers with their needs, and more.  We are an all-volunteer group that works because of parents like you that donate a few hours every month or two to help our kids, their peers, and their teachers.
How do I volunteer at the school?
You can sign up to volunteer at the Back-to-School night, at any PTO meeting, or by emailing the PTO President, Vice president, or secretary at the emails addresses listed on this site. PTO can use volunteers to help look for grants, coordinate a fundraiser, help at an event, or even staple together papers for the teachers.  Please email any of the PTO officers if you would like to help and want to know what opportunities there are.  The more help, the less we each need to do individually.
Is there a cost to be in the PTO?
There is no cost other than your time, but we do ask a $10 donation to help support the various activities the PTO sponsors.  We will also email out minutes from the PTO meetings that you may miss if you are a PTO member; we'll also post a summary of the minutes on this site.