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Computer Technology

Standards of Learning

For Virginia’s Public Schools



Technology Literate

…to possess technology skills that support learning, personal productivity, decision making, and daily life.

              Six-Year Educational Technology Plan for Virginia, 2003-2009


The Computer/Technology Standards of Learning identify and define the progressive development of essential knowledge and skills necessary for students to access, evaluate, use and create information using technology. They provide a framework for technology literacy and demonstrate a progression from physical manipulation skills for the use of technology, to intellectual skills necessary for information use, to skills needed for working responsibly and productively within groups. Computer/technology proficiency is not an end in itself, but lays the foundation for continuous learning.  The focus is on learning using technology rather than learning about technology.


To become technologically proficient, the student must develop the skills through integrated activities in all content areas K-12, rather than through one specific course. These skills should be introduced and refined collaboratively by all K-12 teachers as an integral part of the learning process. Teachers can use these standards as guidelines for planning technology-based activities in which students achieve success in learning, communication, and prepare them to meet the challenges of today’s technology-rich world of work.