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 Mrs. Lundy is excited to be the new speech pathologist at Lovettsville Elementary School.   She is not a stranger to our school because she completed the long term substitute speech position last year at Lovettsville.  She came to love the students and staff here. She comes to Lovettsville with speech/language therapy experience in both the public schools and the medical/clinical setting.
 She would like you to remember to help your child carry-over or transfer the good skills they are learning to their everyday lives.  You may use the links to the left to practice or just remind your child to do the following as they speak:
Articulation - have them practice being careful with their special sound at least once per day at home - pick a special time, perhaps 15 minutes after dinner or before bed.
           Stuttering (Fluency)  Model Slow, Easy Speech for your child.  Remind them that:
           Language - use complete sentences when speaking to your child as much as possible.  
        Play a game challenging 
them to use as many describing words as they 
        can to expand their sentences. Repeat a sentence
correctly  that has errors so
        they can hear the correction.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or         
concerns you may have.