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Welcome to Lovettsville Elementary School!  Our school truly is "the school that Mrs. Forcinobegins with love."  The staff at Lovettsville is like a family unit - caring, concerned, and cooperative.  That warm, friendly atmosphere extends beyond the walls of the school and into our community.  Parents and the community at large are extremely supportive of our school and work with us to educate the children.  That's what makes Lovettsville such a special place!
The faculty and staff at Lovettsville Elementary School strive to develop well-rounded individuals who will become life-long learners.  Not only do we want our students to learn the knowledge and skills established as learning standards by the state of Virginia, but we also want them to know how to utilize their thought processes and how to search for information.  We want them to be problem-solvers, decision-makers, and individuals who have the interpersonal skills to work and live with others.  We certainly realize that children vary with regard to background experience, learning styles, and pace, so our program offers a differentiated approach to instruction.

In this day and age, schools are confronted with many challenging issues, above and beyond the business of teaching and learning.  We work as a team to confront those issues and to provide the best possible programs for our students.  Parents are an integral part of that team and are encouraged to voice opinions, make suggestions, and become involved.  We have a devoted and productive Parent Teacher Organization and a large team of volunteers that do an excellent job supporting instructional and non-instructional programs within our school.

Please feel free to give me a call or send a message through the webmaster if you would like additional information about Lovettsville Elementary School and the surrounding community.

Last Modified on May 28, 2004