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As you know, the County of Loudoun and Loudoun County Public Schools is recognizing October as Energy Awareness Month.  This is in conjunction with the national campaign.  Week one was our kick off.  During week two, the focus was on what you can do at home to save energy.  We hope that you found the tips sheet useful.  For week three, we are zeroing in on Transportation tips for reducing your gas costs.  Attached, you will find a flier with recommendations that are easily implemented.

For those interested in their personal transportation carbon footprint, we offer the following website.  This site allows you to quickly determine your carbon emissions.

For your convenience,
the previous fliers are attached along with the current flier (week 3).  As always, feel free to give us a call if we can be of assistance.

Thanks for all you do to help save energy in our schools.

Week One     Week Two     Week Three     Week Four    Recycling Guide   
Last Modified on October 17, 2008