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Little River Community Pledge

The Little River Elementary School is committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment so that all of our children can grow to their potential. We realize that this is a collaborative effort in which we as a partnership work together.

We promise to greet students each morning with the expectation that each day will be positive and productive. Will you learn about the school program, so that you can show the same enthusiasm?

We promise to prepare informative and motivating lessons. Will you assure that your children come to school on time and well rested to appreciate them?

We promise to make each school day an intellectually stimulating one. Will you ask questions, encourage discussion, and involve your children in conversations that allow them to share their educational growth with you?

We promise to construct worthwhile assignments as an integral part of the instructional program. Will you check daily to see that your children have completed the work to the best of their abilities and review those areas causing difficulty?

We promise to call home whenever we feel a student needs extra help in getting along with others, growing in responsibility, or achieving to his or her full potential. Will you call us if you hear a report about the school that causes you concern?

We promise to provide your children with the very safest teaching and learning environment. Will you remind the children to always walk with a buddy, to avoid strangers, and to never approach any kind of weapon?

Finally, we promise you our very best efforts to make Little River the finest school possible. We encourage you to be an active partner in the education of your children and we ask for your support and cooperation.