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Lincoln Elementary Computer Lab
Each classroom contains 4 Dell Optiplex GX260 workstations as well as an HP 5500 Ink Jet Printer.  One workstation is configured for AV use and includes a DVD player and connection to a television for large screen display.
Computer Lab
Our Computer Lab contains 28 Dell Optiplex GX260 Workstations, six Dell wireless laptops, an HP LaserJet 4200 black and white printer, an HP Color LaserJet Printer, an  Epson Scanner, and Intel QX3 Computer Microscope, a Scan Disk Card Reader, (to use with teachers' digital cameras); 2 Sony digital cameras and a Panasonic digital video camera as well as a 32" television for large screen display and headphones for each workstation.  The lab also contains a workstation which monitors our roof top weather station. Computer Lab
Students at Lincoln have access to a full complement of productivity tools including
Microsoft Office(MaxCount, MaxShow, and MaxWritefor K-2); Timeliner; ToolFactory Database; HyperStudio 4.5; ImageBlender; and Inspirationas well as Netscape Composer, ReadPlease, Internet Explorer;  and Tenth Planet.

Students also use
Accelerated Reader, Type to Learn, and SuccessMaker Enterprise

In addition the Lincoln network contains additional software for Music, Science, Language Arts, Math and Social Science as well as subscriptions to research sites. 

Teacher Utility Workstations contain additional software for teacher use including Adobe Acrobat,  FrontPage, SnagIt and WinZip. 
Last Modified on June 17, 2014