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    Parent Resource Center
20 Union Street, NW,  Leesburg, VA 20176
Allyson Pate: Educator  
  Pam Spiering: Parent
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 Now in its 26th year, the Loudoun County Parent Resource Center (PRC) is a place where parents and professionals can come to learn about a variety of disabling conditions, the special education process, and resources available to special needs students and their families or families whose children are experiencing difficulties in school, home or the community.

News from the PRC

 News from Loudoun County Public Schools

                                       SEAC Meeting and Presentation Schedule 2014-15                                          
 Meetings are open to the public and held from 7 to 9 pm at the LCPS Administration Building
    If LCPS schools are closed, then the SEAC meeting will be canceled.   
Next Meeting:  November 5

 News from the Community 
The following list of upcoming events and resources may be of interest to the community and
are not necessarily endorsed by the Parent Resource Center.

Puruvian Dance Performance:  all performers have Down Syndrome
Flyer   One Performance Only
VSA 25th Anniversary Gala:   meet Miss Virginia 2014 (she was the runner up in last month's Miss America pageant).  Her community service platform is Defying Disabilities...she has a brother who has cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy and she is a passionate advocate for people who have disabilities.
Using Behavioral Clues to Manage the Behavior of Early Learners
Oct 9 at Paxton Campus
Athlete to Athlete on Nov 1 at Woodgrove High School
for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
 CHADD Parent to Parent Family Training on ADHD
a 7 weeks intensive training in Landsdowne beginning Oct. 29
Frontiers in Autism Research Symposium on October 14
Children and Adults with ADD/ADHD (CHADD) September Newsletter
Parents Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) September Newsletter
ARC of N VA September Newsletter
 For Adoptive and Kinship Families
Includes local workshops and special events 
 child/adolescent development, increasing self-esteem, 
methods to address problem behaviors and promote positive family interactions
NAMI (National Alliance on  Mentally Illness)
Loudoun Family Support Groups
Nami Basics Parenting Series
Paxton Campus Activities:
 Adapted Yoga, Music Therapy, Social Skills Groups
Sibling Support, Adult Book Club, Public Speaking
Parent Support Groups, Sensory Sensitive Movies 
A Place To Be
Loudoun County Parks and Recreation Adapted Rec
Loudoun County Special Olympics
Very Special Arts Dance Class
Ages 16 +, On-Going

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