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****Field Day Tuesday June 9th is a GO!!****  

 Parent Volunteers are greatly needed! 

Hutchison Farm Physical Education Department

~Welcome Ms. Barthelemy & Ms. Lewis!~ 


        Thank you for visiting the Hutchison Farm Physical Education Web Page. On this page you are provided with a vast amount of information concerning our Physical Education program. Your Physical Education teachers are Mr. WarthenMs. Barthelemy, & Ms. Lewis. You may find out more about them by clicking on their names.

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PE Rules & Philosophies:


        Here at Hutchison Farm we believe that every child has the ability to be a part of the HUSKIES!! Ultimately that belief is based on your child’s willingness, readiness, and ability to follow our daily Physical Education guidelines and to try their absolute best in any situation. They are as follows:


Help others. Do not hurt others.

Use equipment properly.


Kindness towards others.

In control.

Everyone Plays.
Shows The 3 'R's!!!!



***Along with these rules, proper PE attire is required for participation in physical education class. For your child's safety, tennis shoes or sneakers must be worn at all times, with socks. Girls must wear shorts underneath their dress. No sandals, boots, or any footwear without a closed-toe or closed heel should be worn for PE. ***


*To view your child’s PE times by class, click here           Phys



Mr. Warthen, Ms. Barthelemy, & Ms. Lewis, all work extensively with every student at every grade level 1 –5. Their classroom management involves “team teaching” to fully maximize the amount of knowledge that each student retains. However, each teacher is responsible for grading certain classes. Each teacher grades on three separate areas: skill, behavior, and sportsmanship.

'14-'15 Mr. Warthen’s Classes     '14-'15 Ms. Barthelemy's Classes         '14-'15 Ms. Lewis's Classes


Moorcones                     Kott                                           Murphy

Knapp                            Moran                                        Linza
Winans                           Cotter                            

Savastana                       Thacker                                        

Aniroodh                        Wilkes        

Abdo                              Carrig

Dickshinski                     Schar             

Holt                                Beacher

Kilbey                             Jones       

Schneider                       Trincale                                                       

Wald                              Raba            

Heare                             Kaestner            
Fox                                Gill-Anderson                                                       
Ayers                                                Melko                        
Regan                          Colenda               
Horton                            Noyd


~Thanks for looking~




Mr. Warthen ~ Ms. Barthelemy ~ Ms. Lewis