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Our Vision:
The Hutchison Farm Community is dedicated
to the success of all learners.
At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, our staff focused a great deal of attention on developing a Professional Learning Community and establishing Collaborative Learning Teams within our school to provide opportunities to discuss student learning. When beginning this process, our staff had meaningful discussions about what our Vision is for the future. Vision statements often need to be reviewed and at times rewritten based on the needs of the school community. The majority of input focused on four key components: students, learning, instruction, and the community. When developing a new vision, we wanted to create a statement that could be memorable by all, a focus that everyone is able to identify.
This morning, March 7th 2014, all students and staff participated in a “Pep Rally” where we launched our School Vision. During our “Pep Rally” students were introduced to the purpose of a School Vision, how the School Vision was established, and what their role is in supporting our School Vision. Activities during the Pep Rally included students participating in a School Vision cheer, reading the book, The Energy Bus, by Jon Jordon, student and staff skits, “minute to win it” activities, and a wheel spin. Teachers will follow up with students in the classroom reinforcing the understanding of our School Vision. All students and staff will be signing a bulletin board located outside of the Computer Lab to pledge their commitment to our new School Vision. We invite you (the parents) to sign this board as well. You are an important part of our Hutchison Farm “Community” and we would like for all of us to work collectively in supporting our School Vision.
Please be sure to ask your children about they learned in the “Pep Rally” today. 
Last Modified on March 7, 2014