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Dear fifth grade students and parents, 

It's hard to believe the first quarter is already behind us, and we are already several weeks into second quarter! During second quarter the students will continue to work on their reading and comprehension skills, grammar review to help strengthen the composition of their writing, and continue building their vocabulary through our word study units. They will also begin writing multi-paragraph essays using the steps of the writing process. In math, the students will continue to practice finding the mean, median, mode, and range of a given set of data; converting fractions to decimals and decimals to percents; decimal place value and rounding; fraction/decimal equivalents, comparing, and ordering; probability, elapsed time; adding and subtracting fractions, and simplifying fractions. During Social Studies the students will learn about the southeast region of the United States and begin learning about the midwest region. For science the students will learn all about oceanography.

Mr. Jones, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Patterson, Mrs. Koehler, Mrs. Windon, & Mrs. Drury 

Team Announcements

  • The fifth grade team is looking forward to meeting all our new students and families.
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