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MMC Newsletter and Homework Guide


Week 14


Parent Section:


     We will be having our Holiday Party on Friday, December 19.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Karen Mazzara at  We will need parents volunteers to arrive at 12:00 to set up their station. If you cannot attend, but would still like to help out…Karen will be sending out a list of items needed for the party this week.


     We will be having a gift exchange at our party for students who wish to participate.  Boys should bring in a gift for a boy and girls should bring in a gift for a girl.  The cost of the gift should be no more than five dollars.


     Our volunteer schedule is updated for December.  Because we were so early in the second nine weeks, there was no need for extra assistance with make-up work or remediation.  We are now at that point in our second quarter, where the extra assistance is needed and appreciated.  Please click on the link on our webpage to check for your assigned day and time.  Thanks again to the many positive, supportive parents who help with this program.  You are amazing!


Student Section:  


Reading: Read the short story, “The Perfect Gift”. Complete the vocabulary using a dictionary.  Also, complete the comprehension questions.


Language:  Read the review of possessive nouns and complete the revisions of the sentences.



Writing:  One of my favorite movies is “A Christmas Story”.  In the movie, Ralphie’s teacher, Miss Shields, asks the students to write a theme titled, “What I want for Christmas”.  What I would like you to do is to write a similar paper.  If your family celebrates a different holiday at this time of year, write about what you want for that particular holiday instead.


Math:  Using index cards, create 10 rounding questions that we could use for a math game on Friday.  The cards should have a decimal rounding question on the front and the answer on the back.  Here is a sample:


Front:  Round 2.357 to the nearest hundredths.

Answer: 2.36 or 2.360



Social Studies: Explore how the holidays are celebrated in the state of Hawaii



Science:  Read the article “Magician of the Sea” to discover many fascinating facts about the octopus.


Book Report:


     This project is due in two weeks on Friday, December 19th.  If you didn’t last week, ask the help of Mrs. Dillion to choose a book that has a character like the one you listed on your character inventory card.  Take the next two weeks to read the book and complete the book report attached to your Homework Guide. Don’t forget to have your parents sign the form when you have finished. You will present this information orally to your classmates.



If you have any questions regarding these assignments, please email me.

Last Modified on December 7, 2014