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MMC Homework Guide

January 20, 2015

     Can you believe this week marks the half-way point for fifth grade?  This year is flying by!  This week’s homework guide will be a bit different than the rest.  On Tuesday, the students will receive a “Missing Assignment Report” with any assignments that need to be completed from any subject.  We will have a time on Tuesday we call, “Catch Up Day”. The students will will work on unfinished work, assignments that need to be corrected, and conferencing with me for the quarter.  If they complete all of their work in the morning, they will be given a laptop to begin building their Powerpoint presentation for our planetarium project.  If a student does not complete all of their make-up work on Tuesday, it will be attached to this guide for homework.  Please return the attached homework completed as soon as possible.  Do not wait until Friday.  Report cards will be created on Monday, and I would like to have our grades in before the weekend. What if there are no papers attached? How will you know that your child has truly completed all of their work assignments for the quarter?  I will sign and stamp the homework guide below.  If they do complete all of their homework during “Catch Up Day”, they will be rewarded for their hard work by having 3 days with no homework.

     On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; we will have benchmark testing in multiple subjects, DRA testing, and the conclusion of our oral book reports. We will also work on poetry, our shadow puppet writing project, and our ocean presentations.

Important Dates:

     February 13th will be our next Fun Friday.  We are planning a Friendship Tea Party. Please help your child identify a person who has made a real difference in his/her life. The students will be doing some amazing things in class to prepare for this event and for their special guest. It is really important that the person they choose attends the event.  Therefore, help your child to notify this person as soon as possible to save the date.


Daily Volunteer Schedule for January 19th



Victor Blake


Beth Gallegos


Jennifer Santmyer


Elizabeth Layton


Annette Biltoc

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