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MMC Homework Guide

April 7th- 11th

      It’s the week before Spring Break 2014!  If only it would feel like spring.  Come on sun, send us a little love!  

     This week, we will continue our study of energy resources and ways to protect our earth.  We will also look at our next part of speech, conjunctions.  In math, we will start a unit on probability with a few really great games and activities.  In reading, language, and writing...we will examine graphic novels and begin writing story boards for our end of the year silent movie.  The students will also watch some of these short silent movies to learn about how the stories were told through placards with very short phrases or sentences.  This activity teaches the students about the power of words, transitional phases, writing a clear plot, and sequencing a story.


Reading/Social Studies:  Read the non-fiction story, “The Liberty Bell”.  Answer the comprehension questions.

Language:  Complete the activity on conjunctions.

Math:  Complete the probability page.

Social Studies:  Choose an explorer to research.  You may choose anyone on the list provided.  Complete each section of the report and have it ready to present by Friday, April 25th.  This gives you four weeks to prepare for your oral presentation of your research.  If you need research materials, please let me or Mrs. Dillon know.  We will be happy to help you with resource materials to check out of the library.  Be sure to check out the grading rubric to determine how your project will be scored.

Fry Words:  We will test through level 9 this week.  All previous lists that individual students have not completed will be covered through the week with list 9 being completed on Friday.

Spelling/Writing/Language:  This week, each student will create their own list of 10 spelling words.  Make the list challenge and follow the rules below:

  1.  The words must have something in common such as they all have the same vowel sound or they are all words from a book you have read.  It doesn’t matter what they have in common.  However, they must have something in common. Title your list by what they have in common.
  2. The words must have at least two syllables for Group B and C.
  3. The words must have at least three syllables for Group D.
  4. You must write 10 complete sentences for your words to demonstrate you know the definition of the words you chose. (One sentence for each.)
  5. Each sentence must contain at least one adjective and one adverb.
  6. Five of your sentences must contain a prepositional phrase.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Randy L. Morgan


Last Modified on April 6, 2014