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Welcome to the Art Studio at Hamilton Elementary 

Welcome to the Art Studio at Hamilton Elementary School. I am excited to be your child’s art teacher this year. Your child will attend art class once a week for a 50 minute period.


Each grade level will be involved in many different forms of creating art including: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital imaging, weaving, collage, assemblage and more. We will learn about a variety of cultures, artists and styles of art; and will create art projects which reflect what the students are learning in their classrooms.


Throughout the year we will work with a variety of materials some of which may be messy. Students are encouraged to wear older clothes on their art day (I tell students that it is not a good idea to wear a tuxedo or ball gown on their art day!), and may bring their own smock with them to art class. I will try to have some smocks available if students forget their own. Most students are able to stay clean, and while we do try to be as careful as possible, accidents do happen. I do keep a stain stick in the room to try to minimize the damage.


You may notice that the Art Studio is a little bit different than the traditional teacher-directed art room. Over the past several years I have become a firm believer in a Choice-based method of teaching also known as Teaching for Artistic Behavior or TAB. The idea is simple: students are artists and this is their studio. Children are offered real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of art. This concept supports multiple modes of learning to meet the diverse needs of all students.

The classroom will be organized into smaller “studios” or centers where students find materials, tools and resources. Students are taught how to set up their workspace, and generate and explore their own ideas based on their experiences, interests and passions. Students work at their own pace independently or with peers. New concepts, content, media and techniques are introduced in short demonstrations or discussions at the start of each class. Art history and contemporary topics in art are woven into the work sessions as appropriate and relevant to the ongoing work of the students. Small groups or individuals can work with the teacher when mastering new techniques or solving difficult problems.  The Hamilton ES art program is still firmly rooted in both the LCPS Standards of Achievement and the Virginia Standards of Learning.


Last Modified on August 15, 2014