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Mrs. Cousins About Mrs. Cousins-Seymour

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Ms. Cousins-Seymour enjoys teaching fourth graders because they are such enthusiastic learners. She loves to plan instructional games and historical simulations that bring to life the concepts she teaches.

Ms. Cousins-Seymour's first position with Loudoun County Public Schools was at Ashburn Elementary School when the entire school served 60 students and there were 4 full time teachers. Now, of course, there are at least 5 elementary schools to serve that area! She taught kindergarten and second grade until she transferred to Hamilton Elementary in 1994. Ms. Cousins has taught fourth graders ever since.

Ms. Cousins-Seymour maintains that if children love coming to school she can teach them just about anything, and her teaching claim to fame is that she once taught a Chihuahua to sneeze on command. (She is always looking for a new claim to fame…like having taught a U.S. Senator, but for now the Chihuahua must fill the bill!)









Last Modified on September 8, 2014