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Welcome to the Reading Corner!



We are very fortunate to have 3 reading teachers.  Working in guided reading groups, the reading teachers use focused assessments and targeted lessons to help students primarily in 1st-4th grades become better readers.  Using components of a good reading program, our reading teachers build fluency, word decoding and spelling skills, writing skills and comprehension in each guided reading session.  They work with groups of 3-4 children 5 days a week.  These sessions are in addition to the ones they receive in their classrooms.  As children progress to meet the requirements of the grade level, they are exited from their support reading groups back to their classroom reading groups.  Students who are involved in support reading groups will be given quarterly progress reports that are sent home with their report cards.  They are available to conference with parents as needed.

The Role of the Reading Team

In addition to planning and providing instruction for students, the reading team provides training and resources to classroom teachers, administers and oversees assessments, maintains the guided reading library, orders materials for literacy instruction, and plans activities to promote reading in the school. Members of the reading team attend child study meetings, parent conferences and provide training and materials to parents.