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This is a great way to stay "in the loop" on administrative details; upcoming events, programs and fundraisers; as well as updates on school happenings. Officers report on the budget, recently completed events and upcoming activities while volunteers and parents offer suggestions and ask questions. We welcome your feedback!

Continue to check the calendar tab on the Emerickhomepage to see upcoming PTO events, or click here to see what’s going on!
2013-2014 Meeting Dates:

In general, PTO Meetings are at 12:00 pm on the firstnon-holiday Monday of every month.  While most of our meetings are duringschool hours, we do have two meetings where we meet after school and in theevening.  Please see the dates and times below for more information.

Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

o   September 9*

o   October 7 at 7:00 pm

o   November 11*

o   December 2

 o   January 6

 o   February 3

 o   March 3 at 2:45

 o   April 7

 o   May 5

 o   June 2

 * First Monday of the Month is a student Holiday so meeting occurs on the following Monday.



Last Modified on September 30, 2013