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Mrs. Vieyra

FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School)
The FLES Program teaches Spanish to all fourth and fifth grade students in Loudoun County Public Schools.  Students receive one 30-minute lesson each week.  Mrs.Vieyra will continue to be our FLES teacher this year.  Spanish is taught through thematic units, and the emphasis is on listening, speaking, and reading skills.  Basic writing is also introduced.  The FLES curriculum reflects the National and State Foreign Language Standards, and correlates in specific areas to the curriculum and SOLs for grades 4-5. 
The FLES program provides students with a fantastic opportunity to learn about the culture, as well as the language, of Spanish speaking countries.  Early language instruction also benefits cognitive, social, and academic skills.  It is amazing how much our students know and understand after they finish the elementary school FLES program!


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To find out more information about the FLES program in LCPS, please read the information attached here.
FLES Brochure