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Email Disclaimer:
  • Please allow school personnel ONE business day (24 hours) to respond to your phone calls or email.
  • Not all email warrants an electronic reply; responses may come through a telephone call or written correspondence.

*Please read this before you send an email to a Cool Spring staff member*

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has provided staff members with a professional email address to support their responsibilities as employees with LCPS. The following guidelines are provided to assist staff and community members to utilize email effectively in an educational setting.

Email IS to be used for:

  • Due Date questions
  • Field Trip questions
  • Request for a phone call
  • Thank you notes

Email IS NOT to be used for:

  • Discussions
  • Discipline issues
  • Confidential student information (conferences should be used to discuss student issues)
  • Nothing of a "time-sensitive" nature (EX: Student needs to ride the bus home today; Student will not be in school today; Parent will be in for an "unscheduled" conference today; ETC.)
To send an email to a Cool Spring staff member just click on the name and compose your e-mail. If you need to get a timely message to your child or child's teacher, or speak to your child's teacher regarding a confidential or urgent matter,please call the office at 571-252-2890. Thank you.

Principal:  Chris Cadwell

Assistant Principal:  Maria Carreras

Resource Nurse:  Hope Luong 

Clinic:  Angela Clegg

Attendance Secretary:  Amy Beaudet

Bookkeeper:  Michele Laura 



Jen McManus

Matthew Casto

Lorie Catanzaro

Denise Bruchman

Caroline Laakso

Mariya Mineva



Laura Arrowsmith

First Grade

Kelli Piliere

Bonnie Barrett

Allison Taylor

Tiffany Cox


Mary Dyer


Dawn Utendorf

Jeannie Boyer

Lauren White

Melissa Neach


Elizabeth Tran

Second Grade

Carmen Cota Wertz

Nathan Hine

Angela Killam

Cara Isenberg


Suzanne Smith


Ashley Temple

Carolee Botts

Betsy Tew

Teresa Delaney



Third Grade


Cassie Durgin

Linda Schwarz

Caroline Evers


Katie Haugh


Amanda Noyd

Elizabeth Goff

Chad Pasch

Claudia Jacobson



Fourth Grade

Morgan Bibb


Vanetta Hicks

Andrea Demasi

Jackie Keener

Amanda Kristiansen

Bobbie Samson

Sara Johnson

Susan Smallwood

Gina Ohngemach


Angela Pecora

Fifth Grade

Lici Hogan

Freda Jennings

Susie Pomata

Kim Berkey

Anne Schroth

Jason Burke

Jessica Pittman


Sara Spring

Casey Smith


Elisabeth Torres


Donna Fauber


Michelle Champ

Melanie Stein





Noel Blakeney

Luke Denton

Philip Nowak

Jennifer Steeprow