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The ART Program @ BeST
Our Society is always changing...and will continue to change in ways we can't even begin to imagine! Education changes to reflect the demands of society, and to instill the necessary knowledge and skills that learners will need to be successful. Yet, as higher standards, increased testing/benchmarking, and accellerated curriculums become the norm...something is being lost. The one intangible that can set apart a student, or later in life a job applicant, from the rest is creativity. It is the ability to think, and to think from self inspiration that leads to TRUE INNOVATION! In this day and age of instant access, and accellerated knowledge is essential, and even more so critical, to acquire the ability to make connections and to SYNTHESIZE all of those seemingly seperate pieces of information.
This is what ART EDUCATION does! The processes and thinking skills which are required to be successful in creating artwork, are the same processes that will define the next generation of successful working adults.
Welcome Back Students! - I hope to continue to build upon the relationships and knowledge that we have been nurturing for the past several years. Belmont Station is one of the most incredible places to be for both students and teachers, but we will always strive to make it better. Look forward to lots of new projects and art making experiences to come!
Parents! - In order to keep you more involved in the art-making process at BeST I will be posting 9 week plans for all the grades on a seperate page. Also be sure to check the monthly newsletter for updates and artistic ideas!
***Volunteers Wanted!*** - No Artistic Experience required! I'm looking for volunteers to help put up artwork around the school, and prepare for upcoming projects! Also, if you ARE artistically inclined I would love for you to come in and share your talent with the students! If interested please contact me at