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                     Where Parents, Teachers and Students come together to make a difference for our school community!
         Please join us for our next Meeting :
          Wednesday, November 5th @ 6:30pm
              BWHS  Library    
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Now offering : Free College Application Essay Writing workshop
                                                                                                                       Sunday November 9 
      PTSO executive board officers for 2014-2015
 President:  Michael Garrison
VP Fundraising:  Rena Fierszt and Barbara Frick
VP Membership: Lisa Sanfilippo
Secretary:  Gretchen Anderson
Questions or Comments?  Email us at the address above! JOIN ... SUPPORT ... VOLUNTEER!
Our Charter: The Briar Woods High School PTSO provides support and service to the Teachers, Students, Parents and local community.  It is through this belief that the PTSO will promote a spirit of caring, citizenship and respect to encourage family and community involvement in our student's education, social/extracurricular activities, safety, ethics, and character-building.  The BWHS PTSO strives to put the extras in education!
Last Modified on October 15, 2014