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Where Parents, Teachers and Students
come together to make a difference for our school community!
Please join us for our October Meeting
Wednesday, October 1, 6:30pm
                                            IMMEDIATE NEED FOR VOLUNTEER:    MSAAC postion   
                                              (Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee)                                       

                                                                        MSAAC strives to...

                                      Provide a forum of safe and respectable communication between parents, teachers 
                                 and administrators. Help parents and educators collectively understand the importance
                                  of nurturing a climate of cultural sensitivity in an academic/social environment that is
                                                               increasing in diversity each year.

                                                 Help teachers and parents recognize, honor and teach to those differences.

                    Help cultivate an equitable educational experience for all students that will positively impact achievement gaps.

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 PTSO executive board officers for 2014-2015

 President:  Michael Garrison

VP FundraisingRena Fierszt and Barbara Frick

VP Membership: Lisa Sanfilippo

Treasurer:  Debbie Norberg

Secretary:  Gretchen Anderson

  Questions or Comments?  Email us at the address above!


Our Charter:
The Briar Woods High School PTSO provides support and service to the Teachers, Students, Parents and local community. 
It is through this belief that the PTSO will promote a spirit of caring, citizenship and respect to encourage family and community involvement in our student's education, social/extracurricular activities, safety, ethics, and character-building. 
The BWHS PTSO strives to put the extras in education!


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