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It's time for a great school year!
Use the links on the left sidebar to:
-email me
-check for any available social studies or math notes/study guides
-use Google Earth to explore our current Social Studies region
with a kmz file (it's a small download but you need the Google Earth app)
-use online math flashcards (regular homework)

-use an online visual glossary (dictionary) to practice math vocab words
-use online math and social studies instructional sites
to review key concepts for units
-access Spelling City to prepare for Friday's assessment

-check your notebooks and projects with the scoring rubric
-read important information for each class
supplies Make sure that you have all of your supplies so we can hit the ground running!school bag



Fifth grade students are encouraged to logon to the online Reflex math program at home. Each student has a unique login. This information was sent home with the students.

[Click on the Reflex button to the left to open the Reflex webpage.]
Instructions: After loading the Reflex home page you MUST click "Launch" in the upper right hand corner of the page. The student username is either sbrissing or martin5 depending on who their teacher is. The password is their 4 digit birthday code. Example: User Name: martin5, Password: 0406 (April 6).
NOTE: This information is also available on the 5th grade math page.
Last Modified on June 17, 2014