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Welcome to Responsive Instruction (RI) at Algonkian Elementary
The 2013-2014 school year will be Algonkian's fifth year of implementing Responsive Instruction (RI) in the area of reading.  We are proud that our RI program  includes  grades 1-5 .  Algonkian is one of seven schools within the county now implementing this proactive, problem solving approach.
For additional information regarding RI, please see "RI overview" under the link: Parent Resources.
Meet Algonkian's Responsive Instruction (RI) Leadership Team: 
Brian Blubaugh (Principal) 
Karen Shields (Assistant Principal)

Cindy Black (Resource Teacher)

Lisa Kovacic (1st Grade Teacher)
Kathy Thomas (2nd Grade Teacher)
Rosemary Hearlihy (3rd Grade Teacher)

Jessica Wippich (5th Grade Teacher)

What does this team do?
This team meets monthly at Algonkian to review data, problem solve any RI related issues, and outline and set goals for effective RI implementation.