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Welcome to PEER


PEER helpers are students who are trained in communication and basic counseling skills.  These students are selected because of their ability to relate to their peers as well as their interest in helping other students. PEER Helpers can help with many different problems, including but not limited to: relationships, family, grades, social situations, etc. Meeting with a PEER helper is confidential as long as there are no safety concerns.



*Parent Permission forms must be picked up and returned to Mrs. Raborg in room 507 AND three (3) teacher recommendations must be submitted by the deadline to be considered a candidate for PEER.










                      Deanna Raborg, Stephanie Cook, Cindy Connell                 
                      click on the Husky to email Mrs. Raborg                    

Phone Number: 571-252-1900                                                            

Fax Number: 571-252-1901                                                                


*PEER currently meets during block 7B in room 405.                                                 
*PEER will be a non credit elective class for the 2013-2014 school year. If you are       interested in becoming a PEER please fill out an application packet and give it to        
Mrs. Raborg in room 507.                                                 

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Last Modified on October 19, 2014