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In Model UN, students pretend they are delegates from various countries serving on UN committees. Participants research issues and formulate negotiating positions based on the real interests of the countries they represent. Depending on the committee they are assigned to, delegates might develop global environmental policies or advise the UN Security Council on economic sanctions.

Any student who is interested in promoting peace & security of the world, and in obtaining a hands-on experience of the United Nations delegation may join the THS team.  Tuscarora MUN team has been participating in various MUN conferences sponsored by local high schools and colleges since last year. Tuscarora’s new team looks forward to participating in many conferences this year, learning how to be persuasive delegates in the world arena. 

Model UN is the perfect opportunity to get involved, get passionate, and understand the world around you. The skills you will gain in conflict resolution, public speaking, diplomacy and writing — and the friendships you will build — will last you a lifetime. No matter what path you choose in high school, college and beyond, Model UN can help you get there!

The team meets in room 601 (Computer Lab, changed from room 600) on every Wednesday morning at 8:15 AM, and Mrs. Andrea Moussaoui  has been sponsoring the THS MUN Team since 2012 when the team was chartered.
Note to all members: Please attend all the Wednesday morning meetings!!! Commitment is VERY important to the club!!!!! ***** 
Elected Officers:
Secretary Generals:  Swanny Shi and Athreya Gundamraj, 
Deputy Secretary General:  Heather Waters 
Under Secretary General of Public Relations:  Kathryn Hackman
Chef du Cabinet: Akshaay Arora 
Last Modified on November 21, 2013