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SAT & ACT Dates and Locations for 2014-2015
BWHS Code Number: 470-061 
Both the SAT and ACT tests are administered on nationally standardized dates and require advanced registration.
Students may register on-line or may obtain paper registration materials from the guidance office.  Registration and study information is available at for the SAT and at for the ACT. Students should register at least six weeks in advance of the tests.
Most colleges require SAT or ACT for college admissions. Some colleges also require certain SAT Subject Tests for admissions or placement. Students should check with all of the colleges to which they plan to apply to determine which tests are required and preferred.
Students usually register for the SAT or ACT in their junior year and repeat the test in the senior year. Some students elect to take both the SAT and ACT.
The dates, test centers, and test center codes listed below are not official - check the SAT & ACT websites for official dates and test center locations!
2014-2015 SAT & ACT Test Dates


·        October 11: SAT and SAT Subject Tests at Stone Bridge (47-669) & Tuscarora (47-422) High Schools

·        November 8: SAT and SAT Subject Tests at John Champe High School & Potomac Falls High School (47-658)

·        December 6: SAT and SAT Subject Tests at Loudoun County High School (47-420) and Potomac Falls (47-658)

·        January 24: SAT and SAT Subject Tests at Loudoun Valley High School (47-659)

·        March 14: SAT at Briar Woods High School (47-667)

·        May 2: SAT and SAT Subject Tests at Broad Run High School (47-668) 

·        June 6: SAT and SAT Subject Tests at Park View High School (47-662)



·        September 13 (no Loudoun location)

·        October 25: John Champe High School & Woodgrove High School

·        December 13: Briar Woods High School

·        February 7: Dominion High School

·        April 18:  Broad Run High School

·        June 13 (no Loudoun location)

Last Modified on October 1, 2014