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Students and/or their parents/guardians pay the costs of the AP examinations.  Each exam is $83.00, and this cost must be paid by January 8, 2016.


If a family anticipates difficulty in paying for the exam, the family should speak confidentially with their child’s school counselor.


An on-line payment system is available for electronic payments on the Loudoun County Public Schools’ Web site.  Checks or cash payments will also be accepted at our school.


AP exams are scheduled for May 2 through May 13, 2016 – link to specific schedule below.  Please make every effort to schedule vacations, appointments, or other activities on dates that do not conflict with the testing dates.  Make-up testing is permitted for verified emergencies only.


If you have questions about AP exams, please contact your child’s school counselor.


Note: Specific information regarding testing locations, procedures, etc. will be released in April 2016.    


AP Exam Schedule 


2015-2016 AP Bulletin for AP Students and Parents 


Last Modified on January 11, 2016