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May 2



Environmental Science



May 3


Computer Science

Spanish Language

May 4


English Literature

May 5


Calculus AB & BC

May 6


German Language

US History

May 9



Music Theory


Physics C: Mechanics

May 10


US Government


French Language

May 11


English Language



May 12


Comparative Government

World History



May 13


Human Geography





  • If you have an SOL and an AP exam scheduled for the same time, go to the AP exam!  You will be automatically scheduled for a make-up SOL.
  • Students will report to – and wait in – the cafeteria for all exams unless directed otherwise.  On each test day, the testing room location will be posted to the right of the cafeteria exit doors.
  • Students taking morning AP exams will miss their block 1 and 2 classes for that day.  Students taking afternoon exams will miss their block 3 and 4 classes for that day.  Students will be given adequate time to make-up any missed school work.
  • Morning exams begin at 8:00am.  Students must obtain their own morning transportation to Briar Woods.  Morning exams will end by lunch.  We will not wait for late students.  Students taking morning AP exams will follow their regular schedule for blocks 3 and 4.
  • Afternoon exams begin at 12:30pm.  Students taking afternoon exams will be dismissed from class to the cafeteria at 11:45am for an early lunch, and are responsible for arriving at their test room no later than 12:30pm.  It is the students responsibility to let their teacher know they are to be released at 11:45am (due to concurrent SOL testing, we may not be able to make an announcement).  We will not wait for late students.
  • Students who arrive late will not be admitted for testing for any reason.  This applies to both morning and afternoon exams!
  • Students who are taking afternoon exams may sign-up to be served an early “cold” school lunch.   However, bringing a bag lunch to eat before an afternoon exam may help ease student anxiety as there will be one less thing to worry about.  You must see or email Mr. Royhab by April 30, 2016 if you are taking an afternoon exam and want an early school lunch provided.
  • Afternoon exams will not end by school dismissal time (3:48pm).  Afternoon tests should end by 4:30pm.  However, testing times can vary.  Students should arrange afternoon transportation.  It is important that students who are taking afternoon exams communicate this to their coaches and/or employers.
  • Students must remain in the testing room until the test is over.  They may not leave early even if they finish early.
  • Students who miss an AP exam may not have the opportunity to make up the exam.  The Advanced Placement late testing policy is very specific, and very few reasons for missing an exam will qualify for late testing.  Please contact Mr. Royhab immediately, if you miss an exam.  If you, or a parent, do not contact Mr. Royhab by the end of the same day you miss an exam, it will be assumed that your reason for missing the exam is not valid and a make-up exam will not be ordered.
  • Bring at least two #2 pencils (with erasers) and 2 black or blue ballpoint pens.
  • Bring a watch in case your room does not have a clock that you can easily see (the watch must not beep or have an alarm)
  • Math and science teachers will review the AP calculator policy with math and science students.
  • Do not bring a cell phone, camera, PDA, Blackberry, smartphone, MP3 player, laptop, iPod-type device, or any other electronic, listening, recording or communication device to your exam.  Your test will be disqualified if you have any of these devices in your possession.



AP Exam Schedule 


2015-2016 AP Bulletin for AP Students and Parents 


Last Modified on April 18, 2016