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  Current Officers:
  President - Mary Bowers, class of 2009
  Treasurer - Lacy Grecco, class of 2009 & 2013
The AOS parents meet to:
Support a positive AOS community among the AOS, students, parents, and home high schools.  
  • Plan and provide for social and co-curricular activities
  • Provide a mechanism for enhancing general communication between AOS, parents, and home high schools.
  • We are not a forum for issues that are more appropriately discussed with AOS Administrators.
The Academy of Science (AOS)  Parent, Teacher, Student, Organization (PTSO) is dedicated to serve the needs of the AOS students, parents, teachers, and staff.  We are currently working hard to formalize the PTSO by becoming an official 501c.  Our By Laws and Incorporation have been completed and a signed copy may be seen in the AOS office upon request.
Last Modified on November 14, 2008