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Briar Woods High School Resource Department

BWHS is fortunate to have such a quality resource staff. We all look forward to the new school year and the opportunity to work with all of the students.   The teachers in our department all bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.
                 Eric Bateman                e-mail
                Lauren Bonomini            e-mail
               John Crittenden             e-mail
              John DeStefano                  e-mail       
              Annamika Bowman         e-mail  
         Robert Heberling          e-mail
            Kara Hughes                 e-mail
            Maggie Lane                 e-mail
            Stephanie MacLeod      e-mail
            Tom Mangan              e-mail
            Linda Marsh               e-mail
           Danielle Oravetz         e-mail
            Ken Weisman             e-mail
            Molly Zimpel              e-mail           
®     Drew Pendleton
Teaching Assistants:
        Gail Appling    
        Mary Arsenault
        Libby Casteel
        Diana Crittenden                       
              Judy Gray
              Alex Hernandez
              Charles Hill
              Melissa Miller
              Nellie Mohajer
              Jordan Morris
              Annette Sahakian
              Nora West