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 Career and Technical Education (CTE)
is an area of study that equips students with skills for life!
 CTE Staff
 Briar Woods CTE Staff
(Front Row:  H.VanDyke; C.Scudder; D.Brienig; M.Valleau; A.Woodward
Back Row:  N.Cooley; G.Fenner; M.Belote; C.Hendrickson; J.Dewey; E.Kittelson;  not pictured N.Klink)
Our program of study equips students with the21st Century skills that businesses and corporations have identified as critical for successfully competing in a global economy.  These skills include:  critical and high order thinking, collaboration and teamwork, creativity, personal and social responsibility, communication, and decision-making skills.  The CTE department has identified four of these skills as areas of focus across our curriculum.  Throughout the school year, all students in CTE classes will be challenged to continuously develop, improve and demonstrate these skills which we call
The 4 Cs of CTE:  Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity
What Program Areas- or Classes- Are Part of CTE?
The Career and Technical Education department at Briar Woods High School is comprised of four program areas:  Business & Information Technology, Family & Consumer Sciences, Marketing Education, and Technology Education.   These program areas integrate teaching strategies that engage students in applying knowledge to real world scenarios.  Students gain valuable skills and knowledge that prepare them for post-secondary education and the world of work.  Please visit each teacher's website to learn more about the classes that offered within each program. 
Members of our CTE faculty are:
Business Education:  Ms. Nancy Cooley, Mrs. Angela Woodward, and Mrs. Janet Dewey
Family and Consumer Sciences:  Mrs. Diane Breining, Mrs. Chrisy Hendrickson, and Mrs. Maryanne Valleau
Marketing Education:  Mrs. Martha Belote, Ms. Heather VanDyke, and Mr. Gregg Fenner
Technology Education:  Mr. Erik Kittelson, Mr. Charles Scudder, and Mr. Nathan Klink 
Students enrolled in Career and Technical Education courses, follow a curriculum based upon standards or competencies established by the Department of Education.  Please view the Virginia CTE Resource Center ( website that details those competencies by program area.

  For additional information contact the CTE Department Chair:  Martha Belote