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I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, the youngest of six children.  My parents and some of my siblings were born in Puerto Rico.  I attended LeMoyne College where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics.  I also earned a Master of Science degree in Instructional Development, Design and Evaluation from Syracuse University followed by a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Educational Administration and Supervision from Oswego State University of New York.

My career began   a middle school math teacher in Syracuse.  After five years in the classroom as a teacher a school district staff development facilitator, I was appointed by the school superintendent as an assistant principal of Fowler High School. 

Before becoming principal of Sterling Middle School, I worked as an assistant principal in Arlington County, Alexandria City and Fairfax County Public Schools.  My experiences in two states and a variety of urban and suburban schools has prepared me for the role as principal of Sterling Middle School-the most socio-economically and ethnically diverse middle school of Loudoun County.


As principal, strive to create a culturally responsive learning community of high academic expectations and student achievement.  Its diverse programs and activities are uniquely created for the student and parent population.  As members of the community, we provide ongoing parent support and informational workshops.  We work with our parents to build student self-esteem and expose students to educational opportunities beyond high school.  Partnerships with local businesses have afforded students the opportunity to interact first hand with culturally diverse professionals.  One visit to Sterling Middle School will confirm that every child matters and the staff go above and beyond to provide developmentally and culturally responsive educational experiences for students and their families.


A belief in the potential of every child and the understanding that our children are our future are what make me passionate about my role as a parent and educator.



Last Modified on September 3, 2013